It’s never too late to go back to school


by Hector Diaz, Webster University

Ever hear the expression, it’s never too late to go back to school? Well, according to Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute you may want to pursue a graduate degree today.

Job Market by 2020
According to the Institute, there will be 165 million jobs in the U.S. economy by 2020. This is great news, only at the current production rate in higher education, we will fall 5 million short, of the overall increase of 24 million newly created jobs, of workers with postsecondary credentials needed by 2020. That is 20.83 percent, or one out of every five potential employees will lack the necessary postsecondary education required by some employers. Being part of that 5 million would put anyone at an immediate disadvantage.

Baby Boomer Retirements
Of the 55 million new jobs to open through 2020, 24 million jobs will be considered newly created jobs, while the remaining 31 million jobs will be left vacant by retiring Baby Boomers. Look around at the job market in our region, much of the above statement rings true doesn’t it? If you fall in an age range that puts you far from even thinking of retirement, returning to school may be a viable option for you to remain employable, to an employer’s standards of course. How many times have you seen a job you are 100 percent qualified in relation to the experience, but miss out when you reach the educational requirements and see “Master’s Degree required?”

Demand for Physical Skills Declining Over Time
Decision-making, communications, analysis, and administration, these are the four most in-demand competencies in the labor market today. Employers want an employee who can use critical and analytical thinking to make sound decisions. Employers also want an employee who understands the importance of proper communication. Lastly, if you were to want to move into an administrative position, an employer may want an employee who is well versed in administration. You may not be in charge of the finance per se, however your employer will like the fact you understand how to interpret a balance sheet and income statement. All of the above can be learned while in pursuit of a graduate degree in business.

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The statistics and claims provided in this article were compiled by the Georgetown University Public Policy Institute, this article is for general information purposes only. Webster University is a provider of accredited graduate degrees in the Myrtle Beach Metropolitan area, the decision to return to school is a personal decision.