Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor:

The restaurants eating out establishments in and around the City of Myrtle Beach are second to none. These restaurants offer foods, from seafood and chicken to burgers and pizza, at excellent and exceptional prices. Or you could buy your own food at stores such as Food Lion and make your own breakfast in your hotel room for your own family. It is possible that you could find all your dining options near your hotel at the Myrtle Beach Kings Highway main drag. 

The Captain Benjamin's Calabash Seafood restaurant at 401 S. Kings Highway is a great staple in Myrtle Beach. They offer a seafood all-you-could-eat buffet in a beautiful nautical setting. They also sell all you could eat Southern comforts and happy hour drinks. This restaurant is an enduring staple that has been around a long time like a fine wine. There are still many calabash seafood restaurants along the Myrtle Beach Kings Highway main drag. 

The Maryland Fried Chicken restaurant at 939 N. Kings Highway is an old staple as well. They offer southern fried chicken and fixings you could eat right in the restaurant dining room, or as a take away you could take back to the hotel. You don't have to mention nothing, they already got it. They offer fried chicken and fried fish, collard greens, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, and other good foods. These beautiful people at this Myrtle Beach staple are truly there to help you to give you great Sunday dinner favorites you could have any day of the week.  

The Ultimate California Pizza at 2500 N. Kings Highway is another restaurant my family has enjoyed through the years. This is the favorite restaurant of my two sisters Debbie and Shirley. It is a pizzeria chain with the best pizza in all of Myrtle Beach. They also serve wings and sub sandwiches. You could get these food items delivered to your hotel room, or you could dine inside the restaurant. It is the best pizzeria staple in all of Myrtle Beach. 

Also the City of Myrtle Beach has three Krispy Kreme doughnut locations. Te time machine of this enduring franchise will probably never end, because they offer the best doughnuts anywhere. And at these Myrtle Beach Krispy Kreme locations, they always serve you right.  

The restaurants in the City of Myrtle Beach have the best service, and they offer very good food. It is possible you could fulfill all your restaurant foodie needs all along the Myrtle Beach Kings Highway main drag. That would allow you to have food delivered to your hotel room at North Ocean Boulevard, or you could dine near your hotel. The restaurants on Kings Highway at Myrtle Beach are second to none.

Steven Hawkins
Greenville, South Carolina

Steven Hawkins is a freelance writer for various newspapers in South Carolina, North Carolina and around the country. He has now written approximately 80 letters to the editor. He started writing letters in 2014.