What Does an Ideal Manager Look Like?


Op-Ed by Hector L. Diaz, Webster University

I’ve had some great teachers growing up, and of course have had some bad ones. One good one I will never forget was the school librarian at my elementary school. For the life of me I have never been able to remember her name, but I remember her dedication to the students, and I remember how she was able to keep a bunch of eight year old kids in check. She did this by always getting down to our level, making sure she could always relate to us. She read all of the books we were into to ensure when she needed to she could discuss them with us. She understood us. As a manager it is very important to understand those you employ by getting to know them. How can you as, as a manager, understand why an employee is always tired and often a little weary if you don’t ask her/him? You may find out they have a very sick child or parent they care for, draining them of all their energy.

Same goes for parents. My parents were great because they always knew what I was up to. Not in the sense of today's’ parents that put tracking devices in their child’s phone. My parents knew what I was up to in the sense that they knew what I was into. They knew what my interests were and participated in them. They would take me to baseball games, accompany me to the comic book store, and take me to the music shop when I needed gear for my guitars. Because of this interest, which I now know was their way of protecting me, I knew my parents cared and I respected them for it. So, when it came to laying down the law of the land, they were always successful because they had earned our respect. As a manager, without the respect of your employees, you’ll be heading into battle alone.

In the case of a coach for a sports team, it’s quite simple. Your players want to know that you will have their back, that when the media is coming down on you as a professional athlete your manager will defend you by pointing out your efforts. The coach will say things like, “she’s been coming in three hours earlier than everyone else to work on her game,” or, “he’s been working with a personal trainer to make sure he gets himself in top shape.” Your employees need to know that you are there to support them during difficult times, not join the fray when they are down.

To summarize it all in a sentence or two, always make sure your employees know that you know them. Always ensure your employees will follow you into battle because you have earned their loyalty and respect, and do not command it.


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